Academic Staff

Prof. Stephen Hailes

[Home Page] I am Professor of Wireless Systems and my research interests lie in (the intersections of) three fields: wireless and sensor systems, networking, and security. I believe in building real systems and getting and using data from real (or at least realistic) deployments wherever possible. Currently, I am involved in a number of research projects that span biosensing, distributed control systems, cognitive radio, wireless sensor networking, computational trust, and emergency service communications, some of which are funded by the EPSRC and some by the EC. I just spent a year on sabbatical in the Structure and Motion Laboratory at the Royal Veterinary College and retain strong links with them. I am also a partner in the UK-India Advanced Technology Centre in Next Generation Networking, aiming to establish a technical relationship between top UK and Indian universities in the field. Overall, I am a firm believer in collaborative and interdisciplinary research and almost all of these projects involve others from outside the networking research area, both in terms of academic partnership and collaboration, and in terms of providing real deployment domains.

Dr. Licia Capra

[Home Page] Research on Pervasive Social Computing: My research goal is to make the pervasive computing vision a reality. As such, I'm researching both the core infrastructure needed to develop pervasive computing applications, and those services that will make it a success. More precisely, topics of interest include:

Context-Awareness and Adaptation
Service Discovery, Composition and Coordination
Content Sharing & Distribution
Distributed Trust Models
Recommender Systems
Folksonomy & Ontology

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